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Chinoiserie Pottery

Blue and White Porcelain Pheasant Flower Jar With Elephant Nose Handle

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Beautifully painted Blue and White with Elephant Nose for Handles.

Traditional Eastern culture blends with timeless, sophisticated style to elevate a room's distinctive appearance.

Porcelain is handcrafted and hand painted in family workshops using a time-honored technique and skills only passed down generationally. High fire porcelain makes it waterproof and weatherproof. It also allows for more vivid and unique colors. Our products are made piece-by-piece, never mass produced, and can stand alone or in a grouping, from antique to a more modern design.

Each piece was handcrafted by skill and joy. Imperfection is part of the characters. Minor variation of color/shape/size is normal for hand-made products. It is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Size (inches): 10" x 10" x 13"